JM Tor Par is a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of high quality bolts, caps screws and parts for truck suspension. Our products are hot forged, aimed specially for construction, metal structures, industrial appliances and heavy duty equipment our range of products goes from 1/2″ up to 3″ in diameter.


A325, A490, Arandela F436, Tuerca 2H
Arado, Domo, Tuerca Domo, G8
Arandela F436, Tuerca Métrica, Gripco, Brida, Nylon, Alta, Campana y Unimount, Pernos y Bujes, Balancín
 Cabeza cuadrada, Allen, Brida, 12 puntas, Métricos
Molino, Arandela Hierro y Hule, Tuerca Nylon
Barra B7, Hexagonal B7, 12 puntas, L7
Hex G5 Y G8, Varilla Roscada, Arandela Presión, Tca G8
Tuercas, Tornillos, Bujes, Clips, Arandelas

General Specifications

Manufacturing Range

From 1/2″ to 3″
Lengths up to 48″ (1,200mm)


Grades 5 and 8, A325, A490,
B7, L7, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

Heads Capabilities

Hex Head, Heavy Hex Head, Square Head, Socket Head, 12 Point, Flange Head, Mill Liner, Plow Bolt, Specials

Special Projects

Mexico’s International Airport (Terminal 2 & 3)

Panama Canal

Oil & Gas Industry at Houston, TX

Soumaya, Mexico City

JP Morgan Headquarters, NY